Hello there, my name is Kevin Judge and I am a PhD Student researching the game of Bridge through the lifecourse of its players, at the University of Stirling, Scotland. The PhD research is a collaborative partnership between the University of Stirling and EBED (English Bridge Education and Development), with contributions from IBU (Irish Bridge Union), NIBU (Northern Irish Bridge Union), SBU (Scottish Bridge Union),  and WBU (Welsh Bridge Union). This research represents a fantastic opportunity to understand  communities at play, from both historical and contemporary perspectives. The objective of this PhD is to develop a Sociology of Bridge and contribute to the sustainability of the game.





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Play Matters by Miguel Sicart (2017) Chapter 4: Playgrounds In this relatively short, and very readable, chapter, Sicart (2017) draws attention to the significance between play space and game space. The latter represents a space that is specifically designed for the purpose of a particular game, compliant with the regulations and rules that defines it, … Continue reading Playgrounds

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